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Bylia's history?

By Lia Jewels was born from the idea of creating a brand that lets you wear every day jewelry. In 2014, Làlia, expert in fashion, decided to explore the jewelry world inspired by designs, materials and cultures that she discovered travelling. Started creating and designing minimalist and timeless jewelry pieces without letting trends and fashion aside.

Nowadays, with the same dream and goals, she merged different styles to be adapted to the new times and trends.

Now, five years later, she wants, along By Lia's team, to move foward, strengthen the brand values and reflect these into her desings.

Meet our team!

By Lia's team is formed by seven women that may have different styles and hobbies but share one pasion: fashion and trends.

Every one of us, from our positions, work for you to have an unique and extraordinary experience here, since our first goal is to make you feel special with our attention and articles. Write to our team for any question or issue, or if you just want to say hi, we love that too! :)

Why By Lia?


Most of our designs are made of Sterling Silver 925 and plated with 18kt gold for the golden version.


Worried about the environmental situation nowadays, we've worked to bring our new packaging completely plastic free and ecofriendly, made of biodegradable and vegetal materials.


You are our first priority. We want you to have the best of experiences at Bylia's. So, do not hesitate in contacting us for any question!

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